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Power-Up Viral Video Stores PRO With Developers License + Automated Prizes And Sell 100 Translation Stores For Any Price You Want

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With Viral Video Stores Pro, You Can

1) Create 100 Stores
Target clients in every market all around the world. Go ahead and explore not just the already tested markets, rather also the new ones. The more number of people see your stores…the higher chances of making PROFITS.

2) Translate your store into any language
Do not limit yourself to just U.S. and European markets…make your business go global by penetrating those very profitable but hard to get in Asian and South American markets too. Explore the endless possibilities. Work smart…not hard to make more MONEY.

3) 3 level prize system
Keep customers hooked and they will never ever want to leave your site to go to that of any of your competitors. Engage your customers with your site for winning points and prizes…and get those repeated sales in the BAG.

4) Change Store Color Scheme
You can have a different look for your store by selecting a new color scheme from the pre-set colors that is readily available for you.

5) Use Your Own Domain
With this upgrade, we provide domain forwarding option so you can quickly and easily forward these stores to your own sub-domain. This way you keep 100% of the branding!

6) Developer License
You can now create stores for your client sites as well using Viral Video Stores Pro! Simply showing your clients that you are using Viral Video Stores Pro could get you paid $500 - $2000 more!

7) External Script Integration
Add Retargeting scripts to your store instantly and follow your visitors around the web with FB or Goolge Ads. Work with FB Retargeting, Perfect Audience and AdRoll

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Create 100 Stores And Ensure Massive Recurring Income Every Month
($497 Value)

Multiply Your Profit From One Store x 100… Offer A Wide Range Of
Products To Capture The Entire Market

With the fast changing customer tastes and just as fast introduction of new products in the market, the need to cover the whole market requires you to create more than just one store…much much more than just one store.

So get the ability to create 100 stores offering a wide range of products. Make the customer get everything under one roof. Become the Go-To store for all their needs.

If Targeting Clients In Other Countries Seems Daunting, There Is One Simple Step You Can Start With- TRANSLATE
($297 Value)

Recently Harvard Business Review Reported That 72.4% Of Consumers Are More Likely
To Buy A Product With Information In Their Own Language

No Boundaries On Internet... Then Why Put Boundaries Around Your Targeted Markets?

The whole idea of a 24x7 open online store is to not put any limits on the sales you can make and the money you can make by selling only to English speakers.

So open up your stores to French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin…and any other language speaker you want.

People connect better and are far more comfortable when communicated with in their own language.

The Translation Market Grew Throughout RECESSION

That’s hardly a coincidence. Smart companies know that putting all your eggs in one basket is bad for business. And so is putting all of your merchandise in just one language.

With unlimited number of translations allowed…you can create a store in any language you want.

So, go ahead and get the power to create a 100 Stores and start making money from each one of them right from day one.

Keep reading to get insight into another golden marketing rule and to see how we have it incorporated in this product. Have a look at this fact…

The Probability Of Selling To An
Existing Customer Is 60 to 70% And To
A New Prospect Is Just 5-20%.
($197 Value)

Ignoring Your Existing Customers Is An Expensive Mistake

But keeping their interest level high in your products and services is easier said than done. So after a lot of hard work and in depth analysis of consumer behavior, my team and I have incorporated this sure hit strategy.

Rewarding Customers Through Gamification

A generation raised on video games is wired to love incentives—and that doesn't just mean freebies. They want to win…go after that next goal…get to the next level…get that rush of adrenaline.

Not Even The Virtual Sky Is A Limit To What Can Be Done In This Space

The 5 level prize system is designed to encourage repeat business by offering rewards for customers who return again and again.

And it is totally at your discretion to decide the points you want to allot to 5 different levels.

Customers can redeem their earned points to win free stuff or get heavy discounts.

Use Color Psychology-Influence Consumer Behaviour
($ 197 Value)

Burger King, Facebook, KFC, Nandos…Color Increases brand recognition by 80%.
Get The Power To Influence Consumer Behaviour In Your Hands

Colors convey strong emotional meaning to an audience. Marketing research studies have been done regarding the subconscious perception of color and its ability to drive consumer behavior. Red, yellow and green have been shown to increase hunger and impulse purchases, which is why we see this combination frequently used by fast food chains and manufacturers of junk food items in retail packaging.

Blue is seen as reliable, conservative and dependable. Used frequently by financial institutions and insurance companies.

Green is associated with freshness, growth and renewal. Used frequently to convey organic products.

Grey conveys a sense of refinement and sophistication. Often used in the advertisement of luxury items.

Word Of Caution: Color Associations Vary Across World Cultures

The color white suggests purity and innocence in the west, but in some African and Asian countries this color is associated with death. Red is the color of lust and adventure in Western cultures, but symbolizes luck, prosperity and marriage in Asian countries.

So we give you the power and control to change store colors according to the “Targeted – Market”.

Solidify Your Branding With
Domain Name Forwarding
($ 197 Value)

Point your campaign to a sub domain… make our branding disappear… and brand the store to your name

In the modern business world a store’s brand image can be as important as the goods or services it produces. A strong brand image is a powerful asset. A recognized and trusted brand identity makes people confident that the store is dependable. This is why successful businesses work hard at building their brands and present them in a clear and consistent way.

A strong brand makes the launch of new products and product lines more welcome on the whole by the consumer. For example, if a consumer has purchased something from your store and found them to be of good quality and value, she will be more likely to try the new line of some other product that carry your brand when you release them later.

Create Stores For Your Clients And Make Massive Profits For Them And Yourself
($ 297 Value)

Developer’s License Gives The Power In Your Hands To Sell The Feature Of
Creating Stores As A Service

What if you had the ability to not only create stores for yourself, rather also to create them for your clients. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you can make more money by selling the stores as a product or a service further to YOUR clients?

With this upgrade, we untie your hands to give you the power to do just that!

All these features mentioned above help you take your stores to a new level altogether.

Companies around the world are spending millions of dollars on market research and on trying to integrate features into their products and services that will help them tap into customer base in different markets around the world.

The price tag on these features combined together could be, even conservatively speaking, easily $1,497. But just because this is an upgrade and we want to ourselves follow the principle of keeping existing customers happy…we are offering this upgrade at steal of a price.

P.S. But please remember this price is only valid for the next couple of hours. After that the price will increase. So, do not delay your decision to get the upgrade. We don’t want you to pay more later, but as the price change is system controlled, we will not be able to offer you this upgrade at this concessional rate.